Michelle B. Smith - The Broken Road Series
Kara Sanders receives a package from her late husband. Secrets are revealed and the road of a life traveled crumbles. Realizing those she loves the most need protecting, Kara races to her car and speeds away. With a sharp turn of the wheel five years of memories disappear.
Kara is confused by a husband she can’t recall marrying, a daughter only her heart remembers, and a son with anxious eyes.
Her desire for answers begins a journey that few would venture. The need to recover the lost years leads Kara to North Carolina where she meets a doctor, hires an investigator, and begins an unplanned romance. Country music sensation Ryan McClain is only aware Kara is recovering from an accident and has captured his heart. Kara attempts to step carefully between a home and family in Pennsylvania and a refuge in North Carolina while struggling to recall the taunting memories that threaten her world.
When Ryan discovers Kara is keeping secrets the arms of protection he has provided are threatened. Can Ryan push aside his pride to forgive the omission of truth and see the reality of Kara’s situation in time to save her?
Kara may learn a painful lesson when she realizes nothing is as it seems.

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