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Taking LIttle Pieces At A Time This Thanksgiving
I call him,"Bill."
We will meet again.
It's Just My Opinion
Time is a ticking!


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Buckle Up Baby Its A Bumpy Ride

Taking LIttle Pieces At A Time This Thanksgiving

     I filled my time this week with busy tasks so I wouldn’t have to think too much about how today would feel. As much as I tried to ignore it though, today came and brought the reality of my world with it. Seeing my mom get out of her car and walk up the steps to my door alone felt odd, not natural. Behind her fake smile, I could see the pain she struggled with. In that moment panic churned in my stomach as it hit me, no holiday would ever feel my version of okay again. Bill wouldn’t be seen walking beside her anymore.

I call him,"Bill."

My step-father has been bravely fighting prostate cancer for four years. For the past few months he has been receiving blood transfusions. Last week his insurance denied the request for a shot to boost his red blood cells that will help him continue battling longer. The doctor also asked him to then sign ado not resuscitateorder because without the shot not much else can be done.
This week Bill (my step-dad) asked for help in making his own funeral arrangements. Although he still vows to fight and not give up, he wants to have peace of mind in knowing my mom won’t have to worry about making those decisions when the time comes.

We will meet again.

My blog  today is about introducing you to a very special friend. A man I affectionately call, "Mr.John." 
     I first met this older gentleman when I was twenty-two and starting a new job as a bus driver. I was a newly single mom with two small children to feed. For the 1st few months of my new employment venture I was his substitute driver when he vacationed in Florida. 
     Mr.John was retired from the government and only drove a bus for something to fill his spare time.

It's Just My Opinion

     My last blog was about time. Today with everything going on in the world I want to talk about what time going by has made me miss.
     My time capsule journey is going to start out revolving around television and entertainment. I miss just having five channels to choose from, not needing a rating to determine if it’s suitable for young children, and I miss not needing to worry if a cartoon is going to scar my child. I’m a firm believer in less is more, especially when more tends to bring about vulgarity and things I wish my children never had to be subjected to when just flipping through the channels to find the latest Disney movie.

Time is a ticking!

     Yes it has been a while since my last post. Why? Not because I had nothing to say, I just couldn't find thetimeto say it. This issue has brought me to the title of this particular post, "Time is Ticking." Where does it go, really? I have this vision of it hiding in some secretive place with all the odd socks I can't find or with the invisible person in my house that leaves an empty box in the pantry. Am I the only one that thinks or feels the older I get the quicker I seem to misplace those extra hours?

A Time of Miracles?

     Do you believe in miracles? Some see the month of December as the time of miracles and why wouldn't they? For most Christians it is the month they celebrate God's one and only son being born. It was not just a miracle though, but the greatest gift we've ever been given. Still, some people don't believe in God, but they believe in miracles. That's weird for me to understand...just saying. I don't get how you can believe in--accept the gifts of miracles, but not acknowledge the Giver.

Let's Give Thanks!

   I realize it is a week past Thanksgiving. I intentional waited to post a blog about being thankful.Why? Well, its normal to give thanks for things you don't normally think about until the calendar reminds us to. I wonder though how many of us really do give thanks on a daily basis. Don't worry, I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just as guilty as many others. Even after all I have been through I find that at times I take for granted all I've been blessed with.
      If you ask me what I'm thankful for I suspect you would anticipate my answer being, my husband of twenty years who has never given up on me (even when doctors predicted I wouldn't wake up.


Today I decided to explain why I chose the title "Buckle up Baby It's A Bumpy Ride." Simply explained, because it is. No I'm not talking about my books inThe Broken RoadSeries, although it could very well apply to each and everyone of them. Poor Kara has had more than a bumpy ride, she's pretty much been thrown from the car and ran over more times than we can count. She keeps going though, well most of the time, I guess even she forgets to buckle up occasionally.
The title actually refers to my bumpy ride.


Okay, so I'm a writer not a blogger, but I was told by so many fans that want to know more about me I need to be a blogger. I'm going to give this a shot, but honestly talking about myself or my day is a little weird for me, hence why I write books. In a book I can put my fears, experiences, heartaches, and at times silliness, in fictitious characters and hide behind them without anyone suspecting me. Yep, now my secret is out. Most of what I write . . . it is my way of self counseling.

New stuff.

Book # 5 in The Broken Road Series is currently going through its first round of edits!
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